Bear stories: "There's a bear at my window!"

Quinn tells a great story about waking up from a nap to find a bear peaking through his window. His bear imitation is priceless.Quinn's mom gives some background. "Our cottage is on a smaller island in Georgian Bay near Pointe au Baril, so the bear had to swim to get to our place. The compost that Quinn is talking about was an open pit behind the cottage and my dad (Bopa) usually turned it regularly so it didn't smell.This time Bopa had neglected to bury the offending buns. He can't bear (ha) to not compost—it offends his urge toward thrift and conservation.The bear, who was maybe 2 years old, stuck around for a few days until we convinced him his food source was no longer available. Since this episode, we bring our compost back to the city."__Do you have a bear story? I'd love to hear it.