I am not mad at the bear

Often bear attacks are widely reported when they happen, then drop off the radar.Though I understand this is the news cycle, it can be difficult to find thoughtful information about an attack.I've been watching for follow up on Claudia Huber, the woman in the Yukon who was killed by a grizzly bear that entered her home. It is a confusing attack as it does not square with our supposed understanding of grizzly behaviour.What really struck me about the reports were the brave actions taken by her spouse, Matthias Liniger.He chased off the bear and then took Huber to medical help. To have this presence of mind in such a horrific circumstance is truly remarkable.The CBC's Cheryl Kawaja spoke to Liniger after the attack. I included the interview below.It's a beautiful clip for many reasons, but especially as Kawaja just let Liniger speak.Liniger:

I am not mad at the bear.We knew where we lived...in the wilderness. Beautiful Yukon. Things are happening out there. It's important that people know that.I'm not mad at the bear.