Can you outride a grizzly on your bike?

A man on a mountain bike happened across a grizzly. The bear chased the bike. The man was wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet and caught it all on film.This looks like a defensive charge by the bear. The biker probably got too close, which can easily happen when you travel in bear country on a bike.When I watched, all I can think: how bad are the location human eyes for a chase?Our eyes are designed to look forward, which gives us binocular vision to judge depth and distance. We probably evolved this way so that we have the ability to track and chase prey, among other things.The position of his eyes means that the man has to turn his head 180 degrees to see behind him to see the bear. It is gut wrenching to watch. Every time he does turn, I'm convinced he's going to fall.Horses have eyes on the side of their heads. They have a wide circular view and can see behind them as they run. Eyes on the side of a head are much better when you in the position of prey, rather than the predator.To me, this bear doesn't look to be chasing with predatory intent, but the footage is a good reminder of our place on the food chain.Thank you for sending me this bear story, Erin Mulligan.