A game of spot the bear [update]

bear-close-upQuite a few of you could spot the bear.I had to ask. Laura McLeod kindly sent me a zoom.Entries came at me a few different ways (SW, I'm still waiting on that fax), but I'm going to declare my editor, Sarah Murphy,  the winner.This is mostly because Sarah is lovely (and this contest is rigged), but also because we've made great strides on THE BEAR this week.Before a making a finished book, a publisher will often make galleys. These are bound copies that go out to reviewers and to the media.But, an even earlier form of THE BEAR arrived in Sarah's office. This is a bound, pre-copy edit version that will go to authors for blurbs. Sarah called it a RBM.I know an ARC  is an Advance Reader Copy. An AP is an author's proof. A BLAD is a book layout and design for proofing. F&G are folded and gathered pages that are not bound.But, having solved the bear in the photo problem, I now find myself at the next: What does RBM stand for?Rare Beautiful ManuscriptsReally Big MouthfulsRisky Book MistakesRipe Banana MuffinsRainbow Butt MonkeysRed-Breasted MergansersI don't know.Guesses?__Friday is the perfect day for a bit of light sport to round out the week.This photo was submitted by Mark Schatzker and Laura McLeod with a challenge, can you spot the black bear?I haven't managed to find it yet. My stature as a bear person is quickly slipping in Mark's esteem.The person who finds the bear in the photo gets a prize*. Click on the photo to make it bigger.spot the bearThough I understand precisely why the Schatzker/McLeod family hang out at the dump, I'm less clear about why a dump hasn't bear-proofed (to prevent injury to both people and bears).Seeing a bear at the dump used to be a regular event, as Bay Ryley wrote in her bear story.For those of you that haven't had the experience, Leigh-Anne Graham sent in one of her favourite John Candy clips to give you the feel.* On the condition that you don't tell Mark I asked for your help.